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7 School Management Systems That Will Make Your School More Efficient

Discover the 7 best school management systems to help you in this mission!

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of data stored every day by all sectors of each educational institution? In functional terms, every school has a series of needs that need to be properly met for an efficient, optimized and, of course, organized school management systems.

If some time ago, these educational establishments needed to have a huge physical space to store so much information in an adequate way, nowadays, thanks to technology, this reality has changed – and a lot!

Today, it is already possible to find on the market several options of school management systems software capable of effectively integrating the academic, pedagogical, administrative and financial sectors in one place.

With all relevant information concentrated in a single online system, it is easier to outline strategies that will favor the success of your school.

Want to know what these school management systems are ? Then check out our selection and the main benefits for the day to day of everyone involved.

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What is a school education system?


The concept of school management systems concerns the management and administration of a particular institution in an efficient manner. A school management software is, in practice, a system that allows the control and integration of all school processes: financial, accounting, receipt, retention, among other tasks that are indispensable for school coordination.

A 2015 survey conducted by the Lemann Foundation showed that educators complain about low adherence to the use of technologies that improve everyone’s performance in the classroom. In other words: the lack of technological resources can collaborate with the low performance of students and teachers, also including the team in strategic areas of the school, such as the secretary or the financial department.

In the specific case of educators, the survey showed that they still waste a lot of time performing manual tasks.

This is where the main benefit of a school management system comes in : with it, all areas and determinant aspects can be organized so that the end process – education – happens effectively, guaranteeing its main objective, which is effective learning management system.  from the students.

Below, we list 7 excellent online school management systems that can make a huge difference in managing your school. Check out!

1. Bridge


This is one of the largest school management systems in Brazil, with more than 4,500 schools already served. The system is online and is currently also one of the most complete, as it offers multiplatform school management, 100% in the cloud and a system ready for tablets and smartphones.

In addition, this platform also offers systems aimed at different segments of education ranging from basic education to college and graduate courses. Their monthly plans are also interesting, built according to the need for simultaneous access.

2. Galileo School management Systems


Another 100% online solution in which it is not necessary to install any software or equipment on your school’s machines. In other words, you can manage your educational institution from anywhere and at any time, requiring a simple internet connection.

Another differential is the renewal of the contract with the system, which takes place every 30 days. This means that the contractor has more flexibility and is not bound by the obligation to pay termination fines.

3. Gennera


This online educational management system uses the most modern tools to carry out backup operations, which are carried out automatically, hourly, by an autoloader (backup robot).

It also presents tools that facilitate both the administrative and pedagogical part of the school, including through its applications that can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Its configuration is easy, allowing you to start enrollment, in addition to registering teachers and subjects.

4. WThink


It is one of the most complete school management systems in the country, and was developed with the help of school managers.

It serves the most diverse segments of education and has a very comprehensive package of services that meet all the financial, academic and pedagogical needs of an educational institution.

Among its services are the issuance of tickets, control of attendance, control of enrollments, issuance of bulletins and monitoring of the performance of students and teachers.

5. Etutor


It offers a good package of services at a very affordable price. Its various tools facilitate both the financial school management systems and the academic coordination of a school.

It also offers services such as attendance control, online activities, various reports, evaluation and grade control, in addition to the possibility of sending tests and other study materials. And best of all, you can access it on your cell phone!

6. Quality/Eduxe


Another very complete school management tool, which also offers access by application. In it, parents, guardians and employees will be able to consult the contents, classes, lessons, 2nd copy of boletos and much more.

Students, on the other hand, can enjoy study materials for exams, exam preparation and online exercises, all made available by teachers, who can also plan their classes more easily.


7. Dksoft

It was developed for the management of vocational, computer and language schools, and allows tracking receipts and payments, recording student grades and attendance, generating receipts, statements, contracts and certificates, and other various analytical reports to monitor school results and offer an overview of the administrative and academic part.

A differential is the additional tool that allows sending SMS messages and online data consultation for parents and students and partners and owners and control of access to class terminals.


A school management system is the best way to ensure that your educational institution works in an organized and truly efficient manner.

The best schools need to work optimally to stand out from the competition by improving student enrollment . They will also help you to reduce bad debts, better control cash flow and save time on all secretarial tasks.

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