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LMS Standards

Simply speaking, a typical may be a language that your eLearning courses and your LMS use to speak with one another.
Selecting a unified customary for each authoring tools and LMSs means info are with success shared between them. The initiate will well read courses, and also the trainer will simply track their results.
Let’s take a more in-depth check out four in style eLearning standards:

AICC (Aviation business Computer-Based coaching Committee) is that the oldest technical customary. It lets a course transfer info in hypertext transfer protocol format. though this customary isn’t any longer evolving, there ar some LMSs and authoring tools that ar AICC compliant.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) may be a customary that’s recognized by nearly each learning platform. It’s used for packaging quiz-based e-courses and needs employing a SCORM-compliant LMS. This way, learning content will move with the system to trace user progress. SCORM courses enable you to make a transparent structure, use totally different items of content as standalone units, and set rules for switch between them.

Like any technology, SCORM has evolved over the years. There ar presently four totally different versions: SCORM one.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2004. Before buying associate degree LMS, you wish to seek out out what version(s) of SCORM it supports.

xAPI (Experience API, Tin Can)
xAPI was introduced as a nextgen version of SCORM, however it’s wider capabilities. in contrast to SCORM, that is made on communications between a course associate degreed an LMS, xAPI isn’t restricted to those relations. It are often launched from a neighborhood device or integrated into a typical WordPress web site, and permits you to send knowledge, for instance, from talent management code or mobile apps. Tin will will track most learning activities like period of time learning, offline learning, long-run learning, experiential learning, and simulations.